Mercedes Romero was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1962. Although she became a lawyer by profession, her interest in photography was always present.

She acquired her foundation in photographic basics at Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía (RMTF) in Caracas, where she was also tutored in portraits, color, and illumination, among many areas.

More recently she has been working on portfolio editing under the mentorship of photographer Laura Morales Balza.

Through her lens, her search has been centered on capturing the loneliness, the gap, that remains after separations.

In March, 2014, her project, The Kids Are Gone/Los Muchachos No Están, was exhibited at a Canadian photography school, The Developing Tank. The project focused on photographing the effect of the absence of children who have fled their country looking for security, stability and professional success. It is the portrait of the tragedy of her country, of the exodus, of those who are left behind in the empty rooms of their children.


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Images are printed on demand and dimensions depend on the photograph chosen.
All photographs are inspected, signed, dated and numbered by the author who provides a Certificate of Authenticity for each print.
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